"Water Apartments" is the latest Proteh Glassdeep project, which is in line with the prevailing trends related to new opportunities for the development of water reservoirs with tourist values. The new product is an ideal proposition for people who appreciate closeness to nature and want to get away from the city noise.

The product developed by the company is characterized by several features and functionalities, distinguishing itself from the existing competition.

Safety design.

The product has been designed under the watchful eye of experienced specialists in the maritime industry, together with consultations with representatives of the marine classification society. The exceptionally durable and stable structure will ensure maximum safety for the residents of the facility.

Product modularity.

The division into modules is a solution that allows flexibility in the production of the product, adaptation to the transport option selected by the customer and the final installation on site.

Ease of transport and installation in the location indicated by the customer.

Due to the nature of the facility, there is a possibility of transport divided into modules via forwarding companies, both in the land and sea transport options. Thanks to this convenience, the client can place his apartment on any water body, the quay of which will allow for permanent mooring and possible connection of some installations. The modules are finished before transport, which greatly facilitates and improves the final assembly.

Energy efficiency (optional installation of photovoltaic panels).

The use of photovoltaic panels as a system for supporting the consumption of electricity does not cause any damage to the natural environment, does not contribute to the formation of harmful substances, on the contrary, reduces the emission of carbon dioxide. The roof area can be fully dedicated to the installation of photovoltaic panels if the customer is interested in such a solution.

A characteristic feature of Proteh Glassdeep is an individual approach to the customer, therefore also in the case of this product, our specialized design team can adjust the facade of the facility, its interior and equipment to the customer's expectations.

The basic dimensions and data of the apartment are shown below:

  1. Length x width x height - 15.5 m x 6 m x 3.2 m.
  2. Draft - 0.6 m.
  3. Usable area - 91 m2.
  4. Sleeping places - 6 persons.
  5. Media - possibility to connect to the land network.
  6. Option to use photovoltaic panels.
  7. The minimum depth of the body of water - 1.5 m.
  8. All-year-round facility, in the case of freezing of a water reservoir, an individual project is required.