PROTEH GlassDeep is a start-up that was set up in 2016 to carry out research and development work on the invention "contribution to the windows of underwater objects". The patent was developed and patented by the owners of PROTEH (patent P.406990).

The GlassDeep® brand is a protected trademark and is intended to revolutionise the market for windows used in underwater facilities, both floating and stationary, replacing the currently used soft acrylic glass with much harder and thus scratch-resistant mineral glass.

The authors of the GlassDeep invention used the many years of experience they gained by developing and implementing on an industrial scale the GlassWave multi-curve bending technology (patent W.122034).

Since March 2017, the shareholder of PROTEH GlassDeep is SAFE CO. LTD. Sp. z o.o. which with its international experience in the construction of floating objects guarantees the success of the implementation of the invention.

Since March 2021, the company has had the ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate granted by DNV for the Testing of underwater windows in a special dedicated chamber.

As a result of completed R&D projects, having our own research and design facilities in Poland, we can adapt our solutions in the field of underwater technologies to the expectations of customers.






SAFE Co. Ltd Sp. z o.o., shareholder Proteh Glassdeep
Sp. z o.o.

A private shipyard, which has been active and expansive at home and abroad since 1995. The company has experience in the implementation of many different projects in the field of shipbuilding and offshore industry, as well as in the construction of steel bridge structures, structures for the chemical and petrochemical industries and installations in power plants.





The Gdańsk University of Technology, including the Ocean Engineering and Shipbuilding Division and the Mechanical Engineering Division.

The Gdańsk University of Technology, founded in 1904, is one of the oldest autonomous state universities in Poland and the oldest technical university in the present-day Republic of Poland. The unit has the status of a research university, thanks to the implementation of a number of research and development projects. The company cooperates with the Gdańsk University of Technology in conducting joint research and development projects leading to the development of internationally innovative products, including the Glassdeep underwater window.





StoGda Ship Design & Engineering Sp. z o.o.

StoGda is a design office established in 1997, providing design and consulting services for shipbuilding, offshore, steel structures and industrial pipelines.

Proteh Glassdeep works with a designated design office to create design documentation and conduct specialist analyses and calculations for its innovative products, including a hybrid underwater observation catamaran.






MARITIME ADVANCED RESEARCH CENTRE was established in 1971, becoming the central construction and research centre of the shipbuilding industry. Centrum Techniki Okrętowej S.A. performs research and design works as well as measurements and research m.inamong other things in the field of model tests of floating structures, structural mechanics and certification processes for maritime products and equipment.

Proteh Glassdeep works with the designated centre to conduct model tests for its innovative products, including a hybrid underwater observation catamaran and underwater window protection system.