Underwater window protection system in the form of a tight side cover


The product in the form of an openable side shield is closely related to the company's flagship product in the form of an underwater window and constitutes its development. The invention called "Openable underwater side window" has been patented (Patent Pat.235177) and tested in scientific laboratories, including the Shipbuilding Technology Centre. The opening window cover is a structure of strength corresponding to the strength of the hull or wall of any underwater object at the opening.

It is assumed that the system will be used in underwater areas of passenger ships, tourist ships and large yachts as well as in stationary underwater facilities. In the case of ships, it is envisaged to open the cover when the ship is stationary under normal weather conditions, in particular at anchorages in areas that are attractive for tourists. When the ship is sailing, the windows will be secured with watertight covers. The cover closes the opening of the underwater window in the hull when the ship is moving at high speed, thus protecting window against damage by the energy of sea waves during heavy weather, and accidental floating objects (containers, tree logs and others). Emergency closing system of the cover allows to close it even in case of lack of power supply of hydraulic motors.