The newest and patented solution of Glassdeep engineers is an Underwater observation Block dedicated to passenger ships. Underwater block is an integral part of the passenger ship, in which the GlassDeep underwater windows with covers are located below the waterline. Glassdeep, in cooperation with partners, offers a complete Underwater Block with the possibility of its inclusion in newly designed or existing passenger ships, while ensuring full integrity with the ship's hull and compliance with applicable safety regulations.

Application of the product - Underwater restaurant, Underwater SPA, Underwater cabins, Luxurious underwater observation sites.


In line with our technology, we offer a fully ready utility space with external windows below the waterline. It has a water drainage system in the event of unsealing of the space, ensuring a temporary discharge of inflow water beyond the area of ​​the utility space, characterized by the fact that in the floor and / or on the side walls it has outflow openings, under which there are tanks for discharge of inflow water, or a drainage channel connected to the tank dump.

Due to the modularity of the solution, the dimensions, interiors, and functionality of the Underwater Block can be adapted to the client's expectations!